The fact that it’s July already is slightly unnerving


***Fourth of July weekend consisted of margaritas, steaks, Bones episodes, children who slept in, naps, fireworks in the driveway, kids who acted all wonky at the neighbours’ house, running, and RAIN.

***Since it’s July, I will at some point become interested in Christmas. I will feel compelled to listen to Christmas songs and begin to yearn for the holidays. I promise it will pass soon as August hits and we have heat indexes of 100+.

***I was pumping gas (I do not mean this metaphorically!) on Sunday afternoon and a guy about, oh, maybe 50-ish pulled up on a big -ol Harley. He got his gas and soon as he was pulling away he said to me, in a completely unsarcastic or creep-tastic way, “Nice tats.” I was kinda maybe a little bit smiling ear to ear. I love getting compliments like that! It also makes me want to get another tattoo, which I probably won’t ever do.

***Did a three miler on Sunday that had about five hills – rugged hills – and I felt awesome. Time to up mileage again because I have got to get rid of this baby weight. Also, I think I am going to try to run the Tallahassee half-marathon in February. Ash might run the marathon, depending on how he does in Chicago in October.

***The new hotness? : Chobani greek yogurt. That shit is good! It’s also always selling out at the store so I must not be the only one who would gladly eat this every day (and roll around in it – wait, what?)

***Holy shnikes, people. Have you seen the trailer for The Expendables? That movie is gonna rock if for no other reason than it has a gangload of awesome  stars and the action will kick ass. I think every now and then we should all watch movies like this and channel our inner warriors. You know you love it.

***Time for some aforementioned yogurt and some menial secretarial type work. Peace out, playas.

7 thoughts on “The fact that it’s July already is slightly unnerving

  1. For some reason (lack of caffeine?) I thought that the guy was telling you that you had nice *tits*! Reading comprehension fail!

  2. So the yogurt is that good, huh? Must try to find some! Maybe Trader Joe’s? Your weekend sounded great! Mine was cool too! Mojitos, out to dinner and lunch and two movies…Eclipse and Knight and Day. Both very good! Enjoyed them immensely!!
    Christmas? I was thinking Halloween today…kind of the same, huh? Ha!
    Enjoyed your random.

  3. That is the best Greek yogurt in the world. OK in the US but it is as close to the yogurt in Greece that I’ve found. So creamy and good. Even the 0% fat is rich and delicious!!!!!! I could use a margaritas right now. Your 4th sounds like it was perfect, except for the rain that is.

  4. The Expendables looks terrible…in an bad-action-flick-awesome kind of way. I’ll totally see it and hubby will probably see it 4 times.

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