The Tuesday Shuffle


***I came into my office this morning 10 minutes late, having only ingested a Starbucks doubleshot, and found ten students waiting for me to help them get into classes. Fun!

***I’m four episodes into the first season of Bones and I am digging it. I never thought I’d like a “crime drama” but I find myself interested in the unraveling of stories and the characters are intriguing as well.

***Also on the queue: Angel, Buffy, (notice the trend?)  and Mtv’s The State, which was hilarious.

***You must click on this link. It will make you chuckle.

***After a weekend without my oldest son (almost 3) and having a party for my husband, I realized this morning that we didn’t have much in the way of lunchbox food. We had a whole lot of potato chips, leftover pizza and beer. I don’t think daycare would be happy to see that in his brown bag, eh?

***Our waiter ran out to our car last night after we left Carrabba’s because we left Elliot’s sippy on the table. I am always surprised and touched by that kind of kindness.

***When work gets really busy I eat like total garbage. Yesterday I had: iced latte and a granola bar, a hot dog and a half tea/half lemonade, another granola bar, then at least I had a real dinner (lobster mac and cheese). Today’s no better: the aforementioned doubleshot and a pb&j sandwich. I have nothing else with me and I teach during my lunch break. I feel really awful about it since I am pumping; Isaac’s milk is going to be a little less nutritious, I guess.

***I have a million and one things to do and all I really feel like is going home and cleaning my damn house

3 thoughts on “The Tuesday Shuffle

  1. Bones is a Great show! I really love it. The characters are so awesome. I find it hard to pick a favorite.

    I watched Buffy years ago when it was one and have recently told my Husband (many times) I wish a network would run Buffy reruns and then I discovered that Netflix added it! I’ve been rewatching. Just started season 7 last night. Angel is also in my queue. I never really watched that when it was on so it will be fresh for me.

    Have fun!! Happy Tuesday!

  2. I am a recent convert to the Joss Whedon genius. Buffy was amazing. Season 1 not the best, but hang in there because Season 2 and beyond gets really really good. Also, if you haven’t seen it already, you must watch the Firefly series, which didn’t even last one full season.

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