Things, lately

  • Back to work and it’s startlingly calming to be behind the desk, plugging away at little tasks. I feel very zen about it.
  • I have become reacquainted with Pandora. I created four stations so far: Frank Sinatra, Evanescence, Whitesnake, and Tom Petty.
  • I feel at a loss without a book to read. Thinking of either reading some YA fiction or some graphic novels of the vampire persuasion.
  • Two restaurants on and around campus closed while I was on leave. It’s like a ghost town around here.
  • Think I am going to take this class starting in July.
  • Although Isaac is sleeping regularly from about 9-4, I am still really tired. It could be the running and/or not getting enough calories. Maybe the running coupled with the breastfeeding.
  • On that note, I seem to be shedding the fat from my sides pretty quickly. Running may suck big fat dick but man, it will help you lose weight.
  • My mother and I are in the midst of an on-going argument. It’s wearing on me.
  • I’m diggin’ this song, even though it’s kind of shallow and falls into that horrible category of songs where some guy wants to be rich because he thinks that’s the answer to his problems.
  • Hotter than the blazes here. Nothing like sweating from places you didn’t even know could sweat. Hello, Florida summer.
  • Father’s Day is right around the corner and have I sent any cards or bought any gifts? NOPE.
  • Have NOTHING planned for the weekend and it’s the first in a long time like that. Ahhhh…

2 thoughts on “Things, lately

  1. Don’t tell Scott, but I kind of dig that song too. I didn’t even have to click on the link to know what the song was. Incredibly shallow but the beat is fun. 🙂

    I think I’m in the right mindset to start back on my walking/running routine when we get to Florida. I won’t have access to these awesome exercise classes anymore so I have to get on something right when we get there.

    And don’t I know about the ongoing argument problem. That happens to me every now and again, but since I’m not as close to my parents it doesn’t tend to be as wearing.

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