A Sunday Scribblings prompt


Sunday Scribblings

Isaac was born almost ten weeks ago. I was sitting on the floor of his nursery, watching him pinwheel his appendages about while laying on a very plush blanket. He cooed and whooed and gurgled, smiling at me now and then. And I started to think about how, when you’re pregnant, the impending birth seems like a Big Deal. THE biggest deal of the entire 9-10 month process. It’s scary to think about, even as a second time mom, but then, in an instant, it was over and I had this squabbling little alien creature in my arms. Then time progressed in the manner it always does – you can neither speed it up or slow it down – and here we are at ten weeks and the birth itself is but a memory, all soft focus and fading. The pain involved doesn’t register in my brain as a trauma like it did right after Elliot was born. It almost seems now like a pleasant experience, even though the body suffers in special straining ways. And suddenly he’s this real baby who’s eating like a champ, sleeping at least 7 hours a night and things are much easier now.

I was in such a hurry when I was pregnant for him to hurry up and get born but I should never wish away the time. He’ll be a year before I know it. The 3, 5, kindergarten, high school… college.


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