Minor pregnancy whining

I don’t know if it’s just being 30 weeks pregnant or what but lately, I have just felt so… exasperated. Not even angry, just at the end of my rope and feeling forlorn as a result. I remember when I was 28 weeks with Elliot and Ash and I decided to see a Sunday movie. The only thing playing was Evan Almighty and it was the very last movie I felt like seeing. Being annoyed by that, we were sitting in the semi-dark theater awaiting previews when I had a complete and total breakdown. I felt so overwhelmed by pregnancy and the impending child that I cried uncontrollably for about five minutes. I felt better afterward, of course, and even enjoyed the movie. Perhaps I need a good cry? I don’t have time for crying, between the home improvements, working, teaching two classes here and there, the yoga, the dogs, dinner, husband, money issues constantly nagging my brain…

But in general, 30 weeks is OK. He’s still moving around a ton, though sometimes it feel like he’s poking me with something kind of sharp, like one of those pickle pickers my grandma used to have. It’s very defined, focused movements… into various body parts like my stomach or my ribs or god, my bladder. I keep wondering where all my internal organs might have moved to, as he’s gotten bigger. And though I have been pregnant before, I couldn’t really picture it so I went out and found me a diagram. Things don’t look TOO squished in there but if you look at that site’s pic of 36 weeks, you’ll know why women late in their third trimester are downright bitchy. Would YOU want all your shit mushed up in there? We can’t barely eat or breathe or you know, sit. It’s pretty crappy. But not worse than labor, so I’ll shut up and accept it.

::Brisk clap:: Moving along! In honor of Valentine’s Day, which I find to be commercialized and banal, I am going to post a list of sexy/romantic songs for you and your loved one to enjoy. I don’t claim to be an expert but I have been known to own a lot of  “romp music” as Ash calls it. Stay tuned!

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