I’m polling YOU

So I have been thinking about trying to start a new website. In the wake of my recent root beer float craving, I keep remembering a time in my childhood when my father took me, frequently, to the Hollywood Mall and for a brief time, there was a 50s kind of soda shop. Actually, it was in back of what I recall to be a collectibles/comic store. The soda shop itself had the typical black and white checkered tile, a counter and red bar stools. My dad usually got a Coke float and I had ice cream. I don’t ever remember it being occupied by any other customers but this is a very warm fond memory I have of time spent with my dad at this place.

And that’s kind of what I want the site to be: something about a sense of place and where people could submit memories about places from their youth. It would be interesting to hear descriptions of places that no longer exist or do but have changed. They would then be infused with those peoples’ memories and the time spent there. I think it could work but it’s all about getting the name out there and getting people to be reminiscent/nostalgic. So I ask you: how should I go about doing this??

One thought on “I’m polling YOU

  1. oh wow. another root beer craving. i’m surrounded by 3 pregnant women at work (literally stuck in a corner with 3 around me), and one of them has the most absurd root beer cravings.

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