Pregnancy and more!

SO, I haven’t really talked about this pregnancy much. I’m not sure what you want to know/care to know. It’s not really a very big deal around here. I will be 29 weeks on Wednesday and what’s sad is that I had to go calculate that. With Elliot, I knew what week and day I was at all times. I have way too much stuff going on now to even notice how far along I am other than noting my general size, which feels whalish, even though I was measuring right on schedule at week 25.

He has days where he moves pretty much round the clock. The past few days he’s been slightly less active but still enough movement not to worry. He comes and goes, moves around and has patterns of kicks and punches but no set schedule. I know now that he can hear outside the womb so we talk to him frequently. Elliot doesn’t grasp that concept just yet but he did connect that when we ask him about Isaac, we mean the new baby and that he’s going to be the big brother. I am so far impressed with his understanding of concepts so large.

I’m assuming I passed my gestational diabetes test; no one called. I have an appointment this Thursday and I just hope to keep measuring on schedule because to be completely truthful with you, I have been bad about sweets this time around. Even though I have kept my calories reasonable, I have given into temptation a few times. Just 30 minutes ago I walked 4 blocks to get donuts. Granted, I walked but it doesn’t get rid of the sugar that will inevitably cause a larger baby. I have a fear of having THAT eight pound baby, even though that’s not that huge and I doubt it’ll happen. Maybe that’s an unreasonable thing to worry about but nevertheless…

I have been better about journaling and trying to get better with taking weekly pictures. In some ways, I am just waiting it out. Waiting for a time when I won’t be so large and in charge. Of course, I will still not have my body back until he’s done breastfeeding but I am determined not to let that hold me back from working out. I have about a year and a half to get in the best shape of my life for our sixth anniversary in October of 2011. Guess these afternoon donut runs will have to stop altogether huh?

BUT in other news, I got a new halogen bulb for my worklight and I plan on doing more pictures with the lightbox. Even ones with my little camera turn out pretty well in there. Been reading still and keeping up with all things Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood related. Waiting for May 4th when the new book comes out and June when season 3 of the show starts. And that’s it on my end. If you’ve been lurking, tell me what you’ve been doing. I kinda care about the mundane things.

One thought on “Pregnancy and more!

  1. Glad you wrote about the pregnancy. I was just thinking I didn’t have any idea how far along you were.

    Isaac is a great name and goes well w/Elliott. So excited for you to have your two boys!

    I was over 8lbs at birth…of course I was two weeks late, too.

    I am spending my days doing homework and avoiding doing homework and avoiding cleaning and eating too much snack food because I’m such a bad cook.

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