The academic, the workhorse

At this time of every year – the beginning of a semester – I calibrate myself to balance my administrative assistant job with my adjunct position. It’s always interesting to see how my brain will take to that, how clearly I will think about how to separate the duties I perform for all the graduate students and how I handle my class’s assignments/discussions/grades. Sometimes it all seems very apaprent and I am on the ball, ready to go and can juggle all the necessary balls. Then other days, I am in a fog and all my “have-tos” seem to mix together in a jumble of unaccompishable goo.

In 2010, I am trying to focus more on taking things one day at a time while having a general long-term outlook. I find that if I plan too far ahead, I will lose track of the immediate issues. And of course, I have my good days and bad days. The days where I accomplish everything and feel so motivated. Then there’s the days where I have no interest in work and all I can do is play Bejweled Blitz and surf the web. But I suppose every job is like that in some ways; I hope that if I ever (and I would hope TO someday) move on to someplace else, there are definite down times. Otherwise I’d probably go insane.

SO, tomorrow I will be super busy and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I kind of can’t wait. I’m kind of a dork. 🙂

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