Ipod playlists are not made overnight

When I got my ipod Touch, I gave my old Nano to my mother, who recently started going to a gym as part of an “employee improvement plan”, devised by her private school. It was only a 4 gigger but I had it nearly full of various junk from my infinite mp3 collection. I didn’t even think about needing to populate an entire 8 gigs worth of space on the new device so I set out (once fixing my syncing problem) to create play lists.

This is surprisingly harder than you’d think. I’m not one of those people who just starts uploading their entire collection. I like to think about a theme and an activity that parallels the music (or vice versa, I suppose). I used to have one called “Work that body” full of songs that motivated me when I work out on the elliptical. I had some for specific bands – Beatles, Eagles, Counting Crows – who have extensive songbooks and could populate their own lists. But, the key thing, is that all of this music didn’t get put on their in one single evening. As I got a hankering to hear a certain song or artist, I would then go in and upload. It took months if not years to create the perfect collection.

I’m finding that the 82 songs I have so far on my new Touch are not sufficing. I like to be able to shuffle about and find something for my mood but there’s simply not enough content right now. I must be patient and let this thing take shape organically. Considering I have been collecting music since about 1998, there’s a lot to choose from so I must be smart about it. As the old man guarding the Holy Grail said, “He chose… wisely.”

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