New Year, New Theme

With what WordPress offers us basic users, I think this theme is pretty decent. I feel all happy when I update though because it feels like forward progress; an accomplishment. After last week, I need it. Not that there weren’t moments I enjoyed while on vacation. Well, I guess it was more like a staycation, if you want to use one of the new dumb buzzwords. Elliot and I did have fun at the playground and we had our moments of bonding. I enjoyed nap times because I cleaned and got personal endeavors done. But on the whole, I kind of got tired of being with that kid all day long. And I am sure he got sick of me. I dropped him off at school this morning and he was just fine with me leaving. He seemed more than ready to get back to his routine and his friends and I am very ready to have a day to myself, even if it is in the office.

ANYWAY, I talked about Christmas but I didn’t really recap how great the gifts were, not that I am materialistic. Mostly, I feel really spoiled by Ash and my parents. Since becoming a wife and mom, I seem to get the most stuff. I guess in some ways this balances out all the stuff I do for everyone during the year, if you want to look at it this way. As mentioned, I did get an ipod Touch. In fact, if you’ll recall this blog entry, I got the things I wanted this year. I so rarely lust after specific material possessions but these were devices I craved. I also resolved my ipod issue, as mentioned in a previous post. I think the combination of uninstalling iTunes components in a certain order and running all my Windows Updates (oops) before reinstalling really helped. No more error message and my play lists still exist.

I also got the Snuggie, which I abhorred for the most part. But Ash didn’t order the Slanket in time. Actually, my parents got this one for me and it’s the Micro-plush version so it doesn’t have some god-awful animal print but is just plain navy blue. It’s a good blanket, I have to admit. Ash did get me a cashmere throw too so it’s time to purge some of my couch blankets. I got some really cool books, a lot of gift cards, and Ash got me the Wii Fit Plus, which is amazing. The games are fun, you feel like you’re actually doing something, and it’s going to come in handy when I am on maternity leave. I’m glad we got it, even though it wasn’t something I foresaw wanting or needing. Good gift!

The weather here is nuts, by the way. It was about 24 this morning and supposed to be 20 tomorrow. Now, for some of you folks covered in snow, I am sure you’re thinking I am a big pansy for complaining about this. I’m not really complaining. I’m simply stating that it’s colder a bit earlier than normal. And it’s so clear that the temps are lower. I’ll take this over rain any day, trust me. I have plenty of coats, scarves, and gloves to make it through. I am, however, not looking forward to going out to get some lunch. I am nice and cozy in my office. I am glad to be back here.

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