From the trenches

As per usual, FSU is closed down for the holiday and I am off work until the fourth. I am always torn about about this because on the one hand, who doesn’t want to get paid to do nothing? On the other, I actually like going to work so sitting at home makes me slightly crazy. Did I mention that this time, Elliot’s daycare is closed? I’m kickin’ it SAHM style and uh, two days in and I am pretty sure I was not cut out for this.

Admittedly, he’s not been that bad but it can be exceedingly tedious. The days are long and the afternoon hours pass at a snail’s pace. Already, I am running out of ideas. It’s cold out so it’s not like we can reasonably step outside and run around. Plus, Elliot’s bordering on a cold – I think – so I am trying to ward it off with lots of juice and bundling him. He’s acting normal but the runny nose is ridiculous. Right now, he lining up all his bouncy balls, over and over. His need to organize both warms my heart and makes me worried. Don’t be obsessive about that stuff like your mommy.

SO, Christmas was a whirlwind of chaos and excitement. Like all family affairs, it didn’t last long enough and yet, at the same time, when everyone left it was about damn time. My house is still not put back together but it’s getting there. I’ll miss the light that the tree puts off but I also would like to regain that space.

Meanwhile, my biggest source of stress is coming from my ipod. Got a new Touch and though it worked the other day, it somehow now has issues syncing.(Something about SyncServer not being able to load data.)  I never had a problem before with my nano (ok, maybe once a while ago I did but I resolved that with a new version of itunes.) It seems to me, after reading a million threads and troubleshooting advice here and there, that itunes 9 might just be my problem. Newer isn’t always better, I suppose. I really don’t even feel like sitting at my computer to deal with it anymore but I also can’t seem to give up. It’s just pissing me off.

Three more days of stay at home parenting. Five more days until I go back to work. Two days for which I need to find a babysitter. Twenty four weeks tomorrow. Four months until I’ll have a toddler AND an infant. I guess this ipod problem is pretty insignificant. In the meantime It’s so annoying I think I need to go do some yoga to relax.

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