Catching up

It’s funny; I haven’t actually been busy and yet, I haven’t managed to blog. Mostly, I have been unwinding after the craziness of the semester. I finished grading all my students’ papers (which, by the way, grades came out today so the complaint emails ought to be rolling in any time now) and I have almost finished my Spring syllabus. All relatively loose ends are tied around the office so I am, well bored. This doesn’t explain my lack of blogging. Maybe I just don’t have the willpower to write anything down.

But I’ve been up to stuff, certainly. I mailed my Christmas cards yesterday, which is a relief. Somehow, there’s only 9 days until Christmas and um, YEAH, that caught me off-guard. December usually feels a LITTLE longer but this year, it’s flying by at rapid speeds. We have half of our outside decorations up. The process had to begin with getting all those GD pine needles off the roof. (Ash’s job, not mine.) So he got that done last night but with the early sunset, our outdoor lighting is limited. With a kid, it’s pretty impossible for both parents to work on the roof before the sun sets.

Also, I started a Tumblr page. I figure with my lack of good blog posts lately, maybe being able to post little things here and there will give me the impetus to THINK. Maybe my tumblr posts will spark more in-depth blog topics. Who knows? You can check it out here: Scriptor tumbles. I really like the layout I chose but it doesn’t have the ability to receive comments. Do you think I ought to change it to a layout that does?

I may have also mentioned the project I was doing for my boss. As a professor, the department expects and requires her to publish books. She co-authored a book about multiple literacies and, to avoid stock photo fees, asked if I could take some content appropriate photographs. I obliged but was nervous, I admit. What if I didn’t do a good enough job? So I took this very seriously. Using this tutorial, (thanks, Brenna!) I constructed my own lightbox. It’s not perfect but it works. I used a copier paper box – 11×17 – and bought some real tracing paper for the sides. Using a work light that we usually have in our rock wall, the photos came out decent. I thought they could be better but my boss and her co-author were super impressed. Now I just have to get a couple more out in the field and I should be done. I used a Canon EOS 40D for the majority of the lightbox work but since it was a device on loan, the outdoor photos needed to be handles by my Canon SD 850. It’s a good little camera but nothing like the SLR.

Also, as you may have seen on my flickr page, Dave and I visited the Florida caverns, finally. If you’ll head to his site you can get the full story. We’d been planning and replanning and rescheduling for some time and even though we went for it on a particularly dreary and cold day, it really worked out in our favor. Some observations about the caves: thought it would feel colder inside, though it was a mere 65 in there, it was a heck of a lot more comfortable than outside. I didn’t realize how slowly the stalagmites/-tites grew: a cubic inch per 100 years! The area was larger than I suspected but being in there just the three of us was an exceptional experience. If we’d gotten there any later and been on the normal tour, all the other people would have crowded us out. All in all, I am super glad that we went.

So that’s what we’ve been doing. Coming soon: holiday lunch at Ash’s office (for which I leave in ten minutes to go home and bake an apple crisp), Santa pictures for Elliot, and house cleaning in preparation for my parents’ arrival on the 23rd. Busy times but fun times!

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