• 6:15 AM:  wake up to pounding rain, groan, go cut fruit for Elliot’s Christmas party
  • Delay taking dogs out due to heavy rain
  • 6:30: Wrap a present  for “Santa” to give to Elliot at daycare
  • 6:40: Force dogs outside to no avail; get them on leashes and use umbrella
  • 6:45: Realize there’s a hole in my slipper’s sole; foot is wet, cold
  • 6:55: Finally take a shower
  • 7:05: Get Elliot dressed, turn on Blue’s Clues, finish preparing stuff for work/daycare
  • 7:18: Drive to daycare in torrential downpour
  • 7:45: Starbucks Drive-thru
  • 8:00: Sit down at work computer, sigh. Check email
  • 8:45: Check multiple things off to-do list
  • 10:00: Stop by library; exchange one book for another
  • 10:30: Holiday party at Daycare
  • 11:00: Drive to mall
  • 11:30: See Avatar
  • 2:15: Eat lunch
  • 4:30: Pick up Elliot
  • 5:40: Make some kind of meal for Ash, wish him good luck at Magic tonight
  • 6:oo: Debate whether or not to go shopping with Elliot or watch Barney specials on Netflix
  • 7:15: Put Elliot to bed
  • 7:30: Wash towels, edit pictures, wrap presents, sweep the floors, empty dishwasher
  • 8:30: Pass out on couch, exhausted

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