A little of this, some of that

I want to tell you about a new place I tried last week when my pregnancy cravings for meats! and cheeses! skyrocketed to unfathomable proportions.

Metro Deli – I have always wanted to try this place but a.) it’s hard to get parking downtown and b.) they always seem to have a line out the door. Thursday, by some stroke of luck, both of these factors swung in my favor and I picked up the Tallahassee Sub from their extensive menu. OMG it was like manna from Heaven. Meat and cheese and warm bubbly bread and mayonnaise and just… I could eat it again right now. In fact, I had a dream last night that I also went there for dinner. They even recognized me. Ha ha. It’s just that good, people.

I am fairly broke this week and with a doctor’s appointment tomorrow (co-pay: $25) and a dermatologist appointment for Elliot on Thursday (a specialist so I am assuming co-pay: $25) I cannot afford to eat out for lunch at all. And I have a problem convincing myself to make a sandwich and eat healthy granola snacks all day when I could be having the mother of all sandwiches from Metro Deli. Especially difficult when pregnant woman cravings take over all reasonable thought.

Also, the pregnancy hormones are to blame for my breakdown over a snack yesterday. Yes, a snack. Elliot was beginning to melt down around 4 PM and Ash states, very matter-of-factly: ” I think he just needs a snack.” I was on the couch, trying to rid myself of a headache so I had my eyes closed with my arm draped over them. Five minutes after Ash’s statement, Elliot was still moaning and whining and no snacks had been procured. And this was my breaking point. I sat up and roared, “So get him a goddamn snack!” I then ran to my room and slammed the door. It was so restful to lay down under the fan and just relax for a second. I think I may have only been there about 15 minutes before Ash came in and meekly said he’d given the Boy a snack and then asked when dinner might be ready. Although I should have come back with something dreadfully snarky like, “whenever you make it”, I got up and made dinner like the good little domesticated wife that I am.

Sigh.I guess in the end, it’s sometimes better/easier to just be agreeable than cause waves.

And though this is random, I was just thinking that I find myself feeling guilty when I describe something as “so convenient.” As if this world we’ve created where things are easily at our fingertips is not right somehow. Somehow I think I should have to struggle a little more for the rewards I may reap. It sounds weird but I just feel like a big slacker lazy ass for wanting things to be easier.

Like this pregnancy. Or work. Or parenting. But it isn’t always so I ought to take the bad with the good.

Tomorrow I have my first ultrasound. Results to follow!

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