Babies make good blog fodder

It’s true. I have proof:

Kidlet2 -3

There it is: the kidlet at 12 weeks. It looks so… huge to me. I guess when Elliot had his first picture taken, he was only 10 weeks. It makes a big difference apparently. The bean is growing right on schedule and my supposed due date is right about 4/21, which will make it the end of the semester, thankfully. However, I have a habit of producing children that like to show up early. Let’s hope for one that’s on time, ok?

My friend is also pregnant and her due date is about 2 weeks before mine. I never had any pregnant friends before and now it’s kind of cool to have one whose kid will be roughly mine’s age. It’s pretty cool because she and her husband have known Ash and I for a long long time. Maybe since about 1999, so we go way back and I think we’ll be around a while in the future. It’s a neat idea knowing our kids could be friends.

It’s good to know that tomorrow officially begins the second trimester; I also hope that means this constant headache will subside. The nausea laid low last week but seems to have come back a little yesterday and today. Crackers, ginger ale, rest. And soon, maybe I’ll get some of my energy back. How wonderful it will be.

Besides that, I really want to: decorate for Halloween, buy pumpkins, go to Fresh Market to get their hot apple cider, and buy Fall clothes for both myself and Elliot. Also? It would be great if last week’s cool weather came back.  At least it stopped raining.

Time for a snack break. I’m out.

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