Bad blogger

I know, I know. But between getting all the new grad students all situated, getting ready to start teaching on Monday (this includes a 6 week calendar and an extensive PowerPoint presentation), and all the GD Twilight I can’t stop reading, I’ve been busy. Not to mention all those domestic things like cooking, laundry, ELLIOT, and oh yeah, my husband too.

I’ve had so many ideas for blog topics but I haven’t felt compelled. But it’s Friday and I’m ready for the freakin’ weekend, yo. We have a birthday party to attend on Saturday and then on Sunday afternoon, I shall be partaking in one of those uber-domestic things: a Pampered Chef “party.” I’m not sure that party is the correct term, but it’ll be fun. I may even buy something. (You rebel, you.) But anyway…

I think to be a successful blogger you need focus. Lately, I haven’t had enough focus in my life to even think about focus on my blog. On some days, I have a certain level of clarity. And when I recognize this, I usually try to put all those energies and clear thinking into my work. I had a particularly good morning yesterday wherein I got most of this one project for teaching out of the way. And I felt so good about it that I spent the rest of the afternoon reading. When really, I should have used the momentum to accomplish even more. I am easily distracted. And without the will power or self-discipline, it becomes a hard task.

So, next week sometime, I am going to revamp and set aside some designated days for certain topics. Maybe this will get me back into the blogging mode. For now, have a great weekend.

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