In a New York minute, everything can change

A couple weeks ago I was lamenting that life had gotten a little mundane. And I said that eventually, it would cycle around and we’d have things to do every weekend and the busy, yes, we can has it. Starting this past weekend, we got booked up. Friday evening, Ash had Magic to be played so I enjoyed the night to myself by watching Twilight. I was not disappointed because I knew it wasn’t going to be great. But it wasn’t bad. (I know you’re judging me. It’s ok. I can handle it.)

Saturday morning, we decided to hit up the Tallahassee Museum right as it opened so that it was not too hot, though it still got a bit warm. Elliot enjoyed the animals and we’re excited to take him to a real zoo at some point. During nap time (for both baby and daddy) I went to Target and cleaned the house because my parents were scheduled to arrive sometime in the late afternoon, while we were at my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party out in Crawfordville. We didn’t stay too long; I think both Ash and I were annoyed by certain things and Elliot had to get to bed regardless.

Since my parents were here, Ash and I went to a later showing of The Hangover. And you know, it was funny but not nearly as funny as everyone kept saying. I noticed that Ash and I laughed at jokes that no one else seemed to – (picture guys taking shots and proclaiming, “Tastes like college”. Too funny!) – but the whole audience busted a gut when people fell over. I have never been one for slapstick comedy; I don’t usually laugh at people tripping or getting hit in the nuts or anything. So I was somewhat disappointed but happy to get out to a movie.

Sunday, being father’s day and all, we gave cards and gifts (Ash got a shirt and my mom gave my dad flight lessons) and we spent some time outside in the baby pool before going to Osaka for some yummy sushi and hibachi. It was an enjoyable day but we were busy every second of it. I am exhausted this morning.

Here’s a little mosaic of our past couple weekends. Sometimes we’re busy and sometimes we’re straight chillin’, but it’s always always great.

weekend mosaic

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