In dreams

I have not been having very vivid dreams lately. I normally do and remember them soon as I wake. Seems that I have been all too exhausted and sleeping right on through ’til morning, never waking to remember the scenes played out in my subconscious. But this morning, when the alarm sent me bolting up in my bed, I was jolted from a rather horrific and all-too real dream.

I was giving birth to a second child. The dream began with me actually in the hospital delivering it right then and there. I don’t think that part took place but I know I had the baby, they took it away from me and then brought it back some time later. When the nurse brought it to me, it was a boy and I distinctly remember feeling disappointed. This shocked me even in the dream because I felt like I wanted a girl. And to be honest, I never ever thought I did. But the weirder thing about this baby was that he was not an infant.

This kid had a lot of hair and as many teeth as Elliot and he was already 30 inches long. Put it this way: Elliot was about 19 when he was born. So my first assumption was that they swapped my baby for this kid. I put in a complaint – I remember feeling very distraught – and a woman said I would have to wait in a line to give the baby back. I was suddenly outside and waiting in a long line of people, in a switchback line (like at Disney) and I was still holding this boy. Frustrated, I made the decision to enter the woods behind said line.

And that’s where the dream changed course. The baby was gone and I was in a group of people who appeared to be traveling together, a caravan. Not really paying attention, looking down as I walked, I saw some strange green boots. And I looked up to see Green Arrow:green arrow

There were others: Hawkman, Wonder Woman, and a slew of Justice League members. I stayed in the group, walking towards an unknown place. We came upon a structure, not unlike a ziggurat, and from a door at the top stepped a menacing figure to, presumably, kill us all:

menacing sladeAnd that is when I awoke.

It was one of those dreams where you are kind of freaked out once conscious and the dream swirls through your head all fuzzy and you are appalled at the events. I remember being scared when Deathstroke the Terminator appeared before us, even though he’s by far my favorite DC villain. (And he can be kinda sexy at times. I mean, hello!)

sexy slade

But the dream freaked me right the heck out due to the baby part.

Does this mean I will have a boy but be disappotined? I wouldn’t have guessed that. Freaky. I’m tired now and didn’t have time to get coffee after my early dentist appointment. It’s gonna be a rough day. What have you dreamed about lately??

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