Bullet in yer brain, yo

  • I had a dream Wednesday night that I was a member of the Bat family and I had a night off, thank God, because I was feeling really tired and didn’t have the energy to go out on patrol. I was radioing in to Nightwing to tell him thanks for the break. And then last night, I dreamt that an army of machines/robots was invading the Subway tubes and the Bat team could not take them down. And all was despair because if they couldn’t, who could? There’s something really wrong with me, I know.
  • Stack of books on my desk right now that includes Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, Batman Unmasked, and one titled Superheroes and Gods. I have my work cut out for me.
  • I’m leaving at 11 to: go buy comics, eat Mexican food, and see Star Trek with Ash. Oh, joy!
  • I have no good blogging topics on deck
  • My brain is mush
  • It’s Friday!

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