Random weekend chatter

First, let me just wallow in the fact that the Magic managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory last night. You let a fatass with the lamest nickname ever – Big Baby – beat you? Come on guys, you can do better than that. Oh and Dwight? If you are going to be a self-proclaimed “Superman”, then you better pick up the pace, buddy. Supes is pretty damn ridiculous and your shooting percentage last night? Not so much.

Secondly, I come today in praise of the new Star Trek movie, which rocked my face off. Seriously. Even if you are not a Trek fan – even if you HATE Star Trek with the passion of a thousand fiery suns – you should see it anyway. Well-cast, well-acted, awesome action scenes, humor, new Kirk is HOT, and it all in all was enjoyable. I am glad we chose to see this over Wolverine, though I still need to get my ass to a theater on that one. I know it won’t be as good but I feel like I owe it to my age-old fandom to see it.

I’m eating hummus. Aren’t you glad I told you this??

The weekend was pretty good in that we got a lot of stuff done and it was Mother’s Day and all, which means I got pampered. On Saturday, Elliot and I ran errands and we napped and ate ice cream and watched a movie. I actually recommend Sex Drive if for nothing other than James Marsden redeeming himself for his awful role of Cyclops in the Xmen trilogy. He’s much better suited to the older brother bully he played in this flick. On Sunday, I got nifty flowers, Ash got up with Elliot and I got to sleep in. I read comics in bed and then we ate breakfast. Of course, it all went south when Ash realized how hard it is to wake up  that early on the weekend (he normally sleeps ’til 10) so he fell asleep on the couch. Granted, I had XM Chill station on and it IS rather sleep-inducing. But later on, we took a long walk and I got to nap and read Y: The Last Man (vol.1).

So I had a good weekend and woke up today feeling… angry. For no reason really. I drank coffee, ate yogurt and got slammed as soon as  I got into my office. It’s busy as all get-out and I can’t fathom why. Summer is usually slow. So anyway, how was your weekend? See any good movies?

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