Springtime and things





Spring has come to Tallahassee and I am glad for it, though it was a bit warm today. I appreciated it, however, when my office was frigid and I went out to the Westcott Fountain to thaw out. The last couple days there’s been a guy on his bicycle stopping there. He takes off his white t-shirt and dips it in the fountain, then wrings it out. He puts it on his bike’s handlebars, does some stretches and push-ups, then puts the shirt back on and rides away. Very interesting.

Tomorrow marks the end of Spring Break – if you don’t count the weekend – and I a happy to see it go. I got a lot done in the silence but I am also ready for everyone to be back and for the end of semester push to begin. It’s a race to the end now; I love it. Things will get sort of busy soon with Summer assignments, Fall assignments, people requesting to teach their created strands in the Fall, book orders for said courses, paperwork for the incoming bootcampers… Yeah, it’s those parts of my job I really love. That and when TAs come into my office and we get to talking about the most random things. That’s really the best part.

So, welcome to Spring and such. More content-filled post on the morrow.

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