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Sorry for the lack of post on Friday. I sat here for a very long time, looking at that blank entry and nothing would come. So I did work instead. Boring, I know.

So, the Oscars. I watched almost all of it; I missed Hugh’s supposedly wonderful intro, because we were finishing up Burn After Reading, which should have just been titled “Clusterfuck.” But anyway, onto the show. I was fairly impressed with the new way that they’re doing the best supporting and leading actor/actress nominations. I came in on supporting actress and I am digging the five previous winners coming out and addressing the nominee directly. Very cool idea. Now, in terms of awards, well, I just don’t think I “get” Slumdog. I guess I’d better see it. But things I was happy about: Wall-E, Daniel Craig (!!), and the Academy stepped up and did right and gave Heath the Best Supporting Actor. I would have been supremely disappointed if they had not. I mean, have you seen Dark Knight? Have you? There’s something about the way he portrayed the Joker that forces itself into your subconscious. It bores a hole deep inside you, leaves a mark. That is a good actor.

However, dearest Academy, WTF was his bit in the memorial montage? My mother posited that it was because his death was not due to “natural causes.” Neither was Chris Farley and I have a vivid image of him in the montage that year. Perhaps his family asked not to be a part. But they seemed a like a very genuinely good bunch of people. So what was it? Inquiring minds want to know. I felt snubbed for him. Though, a friend just told me he was in last year’s, that doesn’t make sense. Did I miss that? Wasn’t that a little, er,soon? I guess I wouldn’t be happy either way. but I felt like it was owed to us since he got the award this year.


I took some of your music recommendations last week, went a little download crazy and here’s how I feel:

Adele – Yes!

Like the voice because it’s unique and the songs are catchy

The Weepies – Yes!

Good for when I feeling in a mood for the slow. But very good.

Goldfrapp – where have you been all my life???

That’s all I got for now from your recs. For some (Killers, Travis, etc…) I already had some but need to check out their new material. I appreciate everyone commenting on that thread – sometimes we all need a little help.


My weekend was fairly busy. I cleaned Saturday morning and that always cheers me up. I had girl’s night later on and we pretty much just ate and chatted, as girls are wont to do. I don’t know if you know this but when a bunch of women who have had kids get together, there’s a lot of talk about breasts, and milk, and all kinds of funky things. I am never aware of it at the time but later, I will suddenly realize how odd that seems. On Sunday, we lunched at Chilis then walked around the Tallahassee mall, which – oh my lord – is dying a slow burning death and no one gives a crap. It was completely dead. I tried, then, to go to this comic shop across the street but it is, of course, closed on Sunday. Foiled again. Luckily, one of the others was open and I picked up something and got some new dice, for Magic. Someone swiped a couple of Ash’s when they were playing and they happened to be my dice. Ugh.

So anyway, tell me about your weekend. Oscar thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Movies and Music

  1. Heath was in last year’s Oscars montage and it was VERY soon (like a week or two?) after he died, which made it excruciatingly sad (although those damn montages choke me up every time anyway). Yay for Wall-E!

    I agree about the Tallahassee Mall. I ONLY go up there is a) there’s a movie only playing there or I have an AMC gift card (I prefer the Gov. Square mall) or b) if I need something specific from Old Navy that the picked Gov. Square ON is out of. That mall died for me when Gap and Macy’s (or was it Dillards? Either way.) left.

  2. Yeah, Heath Ledger’s thing was in last year’s. He died in January of 2008, so it made the thing last year.

    Now, I may get murdered for saying this but, truthfully, his performance wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Honestly, if he hadn’t died, do you think it would have been even nominated? I don’t believe so. Truthfully, I think Josh Brolin in “Milk” was much more frightening than Ledger. And I can’t stand Brolin. But that’s just my two cents.

    Kate Winslet and Sean Penn totally deserved their Oscars, Penelope Cruz too though I would have liked to see Taraji P. Henson win instead. And “Slumdog”. Seriously, before seeing it, I was all like, “what the fuck?” But it’s really, really good, totally deserving.

  3. Yes, I do think he would have been nominated. It was a ridiculously accurate and haunting portrayal and was deserving because of how real it was. Granted, I have not seen Milk. Though when I do, I promise to be an unbiased (though Joker-loving) judge.

    Agree about Henson even though I did not see it – I heard an NPR interview with her and she’s pretty awesome.

  4. I got into the same argument with my girlfriend re: Ledger’s nomination. I got her to admit that he would have been nominated if he was still alive, but he wouldn’t have won.

    The only way to settle this argument is to see all the movies with nominated actors and make an educated judgment. I agree with Claire, though, the Ledger’s Joker is a timeless villain and he totally deserved the award. When something that unique is created, it’s the responsibility of the public to take notice and heap praise upon it.

  5. Heath would have been nominated for sure. The academy loves roles like this for the supporting category, and his performance was filled the sort of nuance they love.

    Personally, I am a huge PSH fan, and his role in Doubt was worthy of the nomination. But even being a big fan, I was pulling for Ledger. He deserved it, hands down. I often put that movie in and just watch his parts. The scene when he says “Hi” to Harvey Dent in the hospital? Priceless . . .

  6. OK, I clearly remember multiple fun scrabble games on Friday.

    You didn’t download Brandi Carlile???? She RULES!

  7. I’ll just say one more thing about the Ledger nomination/win.:-)

    I saw all the performances besides Michael Shannon in Revolutionary Road. I think both Josh Brolin and Phillip Seymour Hoffman did fantastic jobs. And I can’t stand either one of them on a normal basis.

    Brolin’s character ends up doing some horrible shit and you can just see his resolve break throughout the movie. Hoffman manages to straddle the line of did he/didn’t he wonderfully.

    I’ve always thought that Ledger was overrated. I’m sorry but he was boring in Brokeback Mountain. I’m not saying he was bad in The Dark Knight; he wasn’t. He was good…but Oscarworthy? I don’t think so. It’s a comic book movie. If he was still alive, he wouldn’t have been nominated. The Academy doesn’t usually take those types of movies seriously. That’s why Dark Knight wasn’t nominated in the Best Picture category. They usually reserve those types of movies for the technical categories. I’m not saying it’s right or anything–just what I’ve noticed in watching the awards for years and years. And you know me, Claire, I’m a little crazy about the Oscars. πŸ™‚

    Alright. That’s my two cents worth. πŸ™‚

  8. Fair to say. And Brokeback – so I hear – is boring no matter who was in it. I think you make some valid points but overall, it’s to each his own and the Academy does what they feel is right.

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