The bleak dreary weekend

Yes, it rained ALL weekend. However, we still made the best of it. My parents got into town around 7 PM Friday evening and we put the Boy to sleep and got Chili’s take-out. (If you’re playing along at home, this was the first time I took steps this weekend to clog up my arteries/add on a few extraneous pounds.)

Saturday morning we all – minus Ash who was sleeping – drove up to Dothan to do a few things in my grandparent’s house. It’s awfully strange to be there after the occupants are dead. It all sort of looks the same but the items no longer have an attachment to the people. Some of them reminded me of my grandparents but they were just objects; pots, pans, books, bills in cabinets, sofas, old paintings. Just… stuff. The house was different too. After the water damage done by a leaking water filtration system, my parents’ friend – and handyman – went up and redid the cabinets and laid new carpet. The house looked a lot newer and hopefully this means it will sell and my father can be done with this mess. My grandfather has been dead one year and 2 months and this is still going on. With little help from his brothers and sister, who knows when we’ll finally have the estate sale, etc.

Ash sent me a beautiful tulip and lily arrangement but it was funny because he gave me the same one in 2005. He swore up and down he had not but I drudged up the pictures on the server and behold. Not that I minded, since tulips are my favorite. Pictures to follow. I got paid for our hibachi dinner and a movie so that was our Valentine’s Day. It was slightly less impactful with my parents there but if it weren’t for them, we probably would not have gotten a babysitter and gone out anyway.

Like I said, I didn’t really pay attention to what I ate this weekend so we had candy at the movies and then this morning, I told my father we could have whatever he wanted for breakfast, since it is his birthday. He requested Tasty Pastry where I indulged in a Bavarian Cream donut. Guh. But, I just noticed their site is being redesigned. Anyway, my parents left by 9:45 and I was off to work. Oh, and I think all Mondays should begin with coffee, pastry and a nice leisurely newspaper reading.

So, that was my boring weekend recap. Please, indulge me and tell me all about your wonderful weekend. Anyone get lucky on Valentine’s Day? šŸ˜‰

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