• On Fridays, Claire can typically be found at her desk but not very busy, for these days are slower than normal. Her brain tends to run on the mushy side on Fridays, and she darn near goes insane from the monotony.
  • Claire spent her lunch hour buying diapers and doing last minute packing.
  • Claire will be leaving around 6:30 for a jaunt down to see her grandparents.
  • Today, Claire is very cold. She wore gloves and an Arizona Cardinals beanie. That kept her warm, despite the winds.
  • On Claire’s left ring finer, a rash has appeared that feels more like a burn. It is on her second knuckle and looks like a scrape.
  • In Claire’s dreams, strange Dr. Suessian characters were taunting her.
  • Claire’s son has been rough with his friends at day care this week. They are working on it.
  • Claire sometimes wishes her blog were more anonymous.
  • Claire has eaten very little this week.
  • Claire is bereft of good blogging ideas and leaves you now to your regularly scheduled – and far more entertaining – blog reading.

2 thoughts on “Third

  1. Claire’s life sounds a lot like Amy’s! 🙂 Oh, The Joys commented on my blog recently and recommended the following about blogging inspiration: “What do you want to remember from each day? What did today make you think about that you want to record. What moved you today? What is one silly story from today that you want to keep? What is one story from your past you thought of today.” Now I have shared it with you! Hope your weekend was grand!

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