Brain detritus comin’ at ya

Do you know what I did last night that I probably haven’t done since my days as an undergrad? I slept for 9 hours straight. And oh boy, I felt like a million bucks when that alarm went off. This is what I have been missing? Why didn’t anyone tell me?? Regardless, today is a wonderful day with a full night’s sleep on my side.

In other news, I finished my Christmas cards. On my lunch break, I have to buy stamps and then these suckers are going out. I guessed the right amount to buy as well. I only have one left over. I’m sure SOMEone will come to mind who I have forgotten but I think I covered everyone. One task down, many more to go.

We got “Dark Knight” from NetFlix yesterday but since I bailed early in the evening, guess we’ll have to watch it tonight. I honestly thought it was the best movie I’ve seen all year.

On a completely unrelated note: if the government is so achingly low on money, how about we lower the salary of baseball players? Those guys have more than enough to go around. Think of it this way: the local shelter makes food for about 200 people on 20 dollars. That’s a mere twenty dollar bill people. And think of this:  in 2008, Derek Jeter – not even one of the “biggest” players anymore – made $21,600,000. Don’t you think they could part with a couple twenties here and there to help some people out? I know I sure as hell would.

I wish we were having a Christmas party this year because I have always wanted to make a traditional wassail I think the history behind this drink and the activities around it are really cool. It makes me feel all cozy.

My grandma is back in the hospital because on of her incisions was bleeding and now she has an abcess that needed to be drained. We go down to see them in about 2 weeks so please keep her in your prayers/on your minds, in hopes she can hang in there long enough to see her great-grandson again.

Speaking of Elliot, I think he turned a corner in his cold because last evening he actually felt like playing and being his normal self instead if whining and/or sleeping on one of us. This makes me ridiculously happy because sick kids are no fun at all and I just worry constantly. let’s hope he’s better enough to get Santa pics soon.

Anyway, happy Friday to all. I bid you all a wonderful weekend.

2 thoughts on “Brain detritus comin’ at ya

  1. It drives me BATTY that movie stars, sports athletes, certain celebrity musicians, and politicans (and CEOS, but that’s a different bag of worms) make SO MUCH money … and so many of us are struggling.

    I know it’s not PC to be glad that the auto industry bailout didn’t happen … but where does it end? *I* am not going to have *MY* debt forgiven … why should they for making similar bad decisions?


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