How Nyquil ruined me

Ok, not to be overdramatic there with the title but Nyquil, it’s all your fault. I’ve had a cough for about a week (Thanks, in part, to Ash having it for about a month) so I have taken Nyquil – begrudgingly because I hate the flavor and the morning grogginess – the past 3 nights. Aside from last night, I fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep at least 7 hours. And I didn’t cough in the night. Last night, I guess around 4 AM, I began coughing. Though I do not remember this, Ash poked me and asked me to take something. Since I already had, I opted to shack up on the couch with the only blanket I could find, which was my deceased grandmother’s antique quilt. At 4 AM, you’re not exactly thinking about not ruining family heirlooms, are you?

So I hacked for a bit then finally found sleep again. When I awoke, it was still dark and I assumed it was around maybe 5:30 or 6, though it had felt like longer that I’d been asleep. I drifted in and out of consciousness until I decided to get up and check the time, just in case I didn’t hear the alarm go off. Normally, it buzzes at 6:15. I went into the kitchen to see that it was already 6:50. Argh! I woke Ash, swept Elliot out of bed and immediately plopped him into the high chair. While he ate, I packed lunches, fed the dogs, and got all ready aside from my shower. And somehow, I still got to work on time. I guess that’s what it takes to be a mom, you know? Quick on your feet, quick to think even at such an early hour.

Turns out Ash accidentally set the alarm for 7:15 instead. Sigh. It’s tough recovering from a holiday. I worry that this will be quadruply worse when we get back from Christmas break. I’ll be off for a good 2 weeks!

Our Thanksgiving break was good. We got to nap a lot and we even shopped a bit. The mall wasn’t as crazy as I thought but we didn’t get there until 1 or so on Friday. Ash and I watched Ratatouille and Iron Man, even though we’d already seen both. We re-signed up for NetFlix now that they have Blu-Ray and our PS3 is back and in working order. The rain made the 4 day weekend a little cruddy but that’s ok. I have 3 trees in the front yard that normally wouldn’t lose the last of their leaves until maybe 3 weeks from now. But the wind and rain caused them all to drop their remaining dead leaves down to my yard, which now needs extensive raking. Raking is a true back-breaker, that’s for sure. I also made the yummiest pie EVER and Ash and I devoured it in 2 days. Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 tub of Light Cool Whip (put in fridge for spreadability)
  • I package of extra chunky Chips Ahoy cookies
  • 1 pre-made graham cracker crust

Pour milk (I used skim) into a shallow dish and soak as many cookies as will fit for one minute, five seconds. Layer them on the bottom. Spread about 1/3 of the Cool Whip on top. Repeat until cookies are gone (I had one as a test, one left over, and 2 crushed to garnish the top). Refrigerate for 8 hours before serving.

We also set up all the Christmas decorations inside yesterday. My house looks all nice and cozy now. Well, we haven’t put up ornaments yet because I’m still letting Elliot adjust to the tree. I don’t think he’s going to mess with it too much. He mostly likes to hide behind it since his new favorite game is to hide and then pop out at us. Heh heh. I’m really starting to feel the Christmas spirit this year. I feel utterly thankful that I have so much in a time where people are losing and having to cut back.

So, welcome to December! Before you know it, we’ll be lamenting the end of 2008 and doing those fun “what you did this year” memes. Happy Monday!

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