The day before the day

Silly me, I keep thinking that Thanksgiving is still in two days when – in actuality – it’s tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow. As in, my turkey breast better be thawed and I have to make the chocolate chip cookie pie tonight or else tomorrow will be ruined. No, I’m not panicking at all! Ok, I’m really quite calm. It’s just the three of us so I think things will turn out fine, just fine.

::nervously picks at cuticles, wrings hands, coughs::

One thing I am thankful for is that even if we were spending this holiday with family, we wouldn’t have any of the problems that people seem to be complaining about: family meals, political arguments, “that” discussion about Tryptophan, etc. My family get-togethers these days are relatively issue free. Now, back in the day, we had interesting things go on but not of this variety.

I specifically remember the year that my uncles decided to fix my grandparents’ speaker system. Somehow, my Uncle Bob – who is a good bit over 300 pounds – got up in the crawl space and his thick meaty calf came right down through the sheet rock, above where my Mema was stirring cream corn. Then they argued about placing blame, etc for a while and nothing really got solved. Whenever we had family holidays in Alabama, there was always plenty of drama. But it was still ridiculously fun and the food? To die for. My Mema made the best chicken and dumplins I have ever eaten. Cracker Barrel does not compare, though I get that meal every time we go there. Nothing will ever stack up to Mema’s cream corn, her stuffing, and everything she made except for cornbread. The one yankee thing in me (aside from ketchup on my scrambled eggs) is that I prefer sweet cornbread over traditional salty, hard as a rock cornbread from the South. Ew.

So, I’m not going to ask what you’re thankful for in this post. There are enough blogs out there doing it and you may be sick of it. So, I’l just ask: what is your favorite thing to do during this holiday? Mine is the post meal nap, followed closely by watching football. But really, I think I like the sounds of football combined with the smell of the meal. Reminds me of being a kid.

4 thoughts on “The day before the day

  1. My fav. thing is taking the black olives and sticking one on each of my fingers, then eating them one by one. YUMMY. I also love the smell of the food.

    This year is the 1st year that we will not be spending the holiday with my side of the family. I am a little (OK, more than a little) sad about this. But, I am also excited to start new traditions.

    We are having friends over who also have a son close in age to ours. I got them a gingerbread house to decorate 🙂 No worries, I will take plenty of pictures!!!

  2. My entire extended family 30-40 of us will go to the movies on Thanksgiving afternoon, then watch the Egg Bowl (MSU vs. Ole Miss) on tv. Usually the movie is one of the cheesy Christmas flicks, as there is always a little kid going with us.

  3. Thanksgiving is the big holiday for my family. It’s the one where people come in from out of town, so I see a lot of my cousins and such. That’s my favorite part — visiting with family I don’t see very often.

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