Money talks, turkey walks – well, not for long

Tonight, I’m going to sojourn to the (probably ridiculously crowded) grocery store to buy some Thanksgiving fixin’s. On NPR this morning they interviewed a chef, an author, and a nutritionist about how to budget for the holidays in this economy where food prices are soaring ever higher. (It might cost me less in gas to get to the store but I’m spending at least twice as much as I used to.) They didn’t really say anything useful for the holidays, per se, but they had some other advice… which I already do! I shop the ads, I buy the deals, I buy generic when I can. I want to know what people like me – who already cuts back on things – can do to save even more. Somehow, I don’t think there is much left TO do.

But I am only buying a turkey breast (and the smallest one I can find) and we do fresh green beans, one potato (mashed), mac and cheese, and cornbread. All of this is cheap save the turkey so I think I can get out of the store in under twenty.

We’re not broke; in fact, we’re doing pretty well, considering the way it is out there. I mean, just yesterday my father lost his job AGAIN. He’s been unemployed so many times I’ve lost track. He is a project manager in the environmental/infrastructure field. It’s tough to say what he actually does but let’s suffice it to say that when he gets hired, his salary usually has 6 numbers in it. Luckily, Ash and I have relative job security. We don’t go overboard with spending and our bills are not outrageous. It’s pretty scary thinking that this might change and maybe that is why I AM so tight with my money, when I can be. I’ve been planning this week’s budget and it’s close, especially since the dogs need their annual shots.

To alleviate my stress about all this money crap, I usually try to take a moment at night and think about something completely immaterial and remind myself how little money actually matters. Usually, I can stop stressing that instant. So what about you? Does money stress you out and how do you overcome it, if at all?

3 thoughts on “Money talks, turkey walks – well, not for long

  1. I have made using coupons a game these days. I used to never use coupons or shop the sales. These days I pretty much won’t buy if it is not on sale. We are doing the turkey breast scene instead of the whole as well.

    I would say I stress about money a lot right now. My hubbie and I both just lost our 2nd jobs. Both of our jobs rely on the hospitality/entertainment industry. We had to move Hunter to part time daycare and now we don’t have any days off together, EVER. I know it is temporary, but it still blows. Ahhhh, this too shall pass, RIGHT?!?!!

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