Why the 80s were the best

You know how most little kids’ toys have some kind of catchy song attached to them? For example, Elliot’s Yo Gabba Gabba Muno doll sings, “Find a friend, find a friend, I’m gonna find a friend and play. Be my friend.” And it has this funky kind of 80s beat behind it. Half the time in our house, you’ll hear Ash or I saying the things Muno says when his hand is depressed: “Wanna be my friend?”; “I like bugs!”; “Thanks for playing with me!”. And then there’s the song. Recently, I brought out one of E’s birthday gifts (I withheld some because he got a literal ton and what kid needs that much STUFF?) and it was a Winnie the Pooh phone that has 5 buttons and a little cylinder which rolls for 3 classifications of what the buttons do: shapes, color, and numbers. If you press the telephone shaped button Pooh sings, “Shall we talk to our friends today? It would be so nice to talk in such a friendly way, until the day is done.” And I can’t get it out of my head.

But these little jingles remind me of the 80s and how everything had this catchy little ring to it. There are a few I remember better than others. I definitely remember Red Lobster, for the seafood lover in you! And this one from Ford is buried in my subconscious as well. Or how about for Doublemint gum? That’s a good one too.

As well, sitcoms had some of the best theme songs. Do shows even have intro songs anymore? I don’t watch a lot of comedies on TV but as far as I know (and maybe you can tell me, oh, TV watchers) they don’t have great intro songs anymore. Do you want to know some of my favorites? Try out Golden Girls, one of the best all-time TV intros. Written by Andrew Gold, (but performed much better than his rendition), this song is so catchy and endearing… I just can’t get enough. But by far, the Perfect Strangers theme beats all. The reason is because these songs are uplifting. All the jingles and songs of the 80s made you feel so darned good. How can you not feel happy when you hear these songs? And that’s what I think is wrong with a lot of society today: we don’t have enough reasons to feel happy. The economy is in the shitter, times look bleak, even in the face of dropping gas prices. But where are the “I’m having fun in the face of disaster” songs? I, personally, just can’t find them.

Anyone know where there’s some happier TV on these days?

3 thoughts on “Why the 80s were the best

  1. OMG, YES! I hadn’t really realized this, but most sitcoms and dramas these days … the intros are all instrumental, no catchy lyrics, etc.

    Cheers … Laverne & Shirley … Silver Spoons … Facts of Life … even Mad About You, which was a definite 90’s show, I can still sing all their songs.

    But ask me what the House song is … or The Office … and nope. No lyrics.


  2. When I worked at Harold & Maude’s, we often closed to the bar to the “Jefferson’s” theme. One of my customers even burned a copy of all these 70’s and 80’s sitcom songs for me. Man, I haven’t thought about that in eons!

  3. This is one reason I love the CSI shows. Love The Who . . .

    My favorite 80’s theme had to be either The Greatest American Hero (“Believe it or not, I’m walking on air . . . “), or maybe Friends.

    I have a CD around here somewhere with a bunch of these on it . . . must . . . dig . . .

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