Good thing I didn’t do NaBloPoMo

Because seriously? I have had no time for the computer. Would it seem completely WEIRD to you to know that I didn’t check email ONCE during this weekend?  You see, Elliot is teething and now he’s picked up a cold. Having a sick child is so completely draining, even when he’s feeling ok. Elliot can be distratced from his hacking cough and continually runny nose but it takes effort, man. I feel like all I did all weekend was say, “Elliot, come look at this. Oh no Elliot, don’t wipe your nose then pet the dog. Look at this toy! See the moon? Let’s not pull out ALL The tupperware with your germy hands.”


The other downfall of not being connected during the weekend is that I have NOT worked on my NaNoWriMo novel. Oh sure, I’ve thought about it. I have many many things I could write. So, I just make deals with myself at work: grade two papers, write one page. Answer some email, fix the copier. Grade two papers, write one page. It works for me this way, surprisingly. Though, I do all sort of bargaining and coaxing throughout the day as well.

On Saturday, we got all ready in the morning and drove Elliot out to his godparents’ house where he played while Ash and I went and saw the 11:30 AM Quantum of Solace and then had lunch at Macaroni Grill. The movie was good; I won’t spoil it for you but in my opinion, it wasn’t quite as good as Casino Royale but it had its moments. I was enrapt the entire time so it was definitely a gripping story. I have to say, it was really nice to get out and actually go to the movies, as well as eat a meal wherein I didn’t have to put more goldfish on a plate with suction cups, or retrieve a sippy from the floor, or wipe turkey stick goo from in between tiny digits. I need to be a bit more thankful and appreciative of the time I had with just Ash, I know.

So this week should be fairly busy for me and before I know it, it will be Thanksgiving and then December and then this weeding we have on the 20th, then Christmas at my parents’ and a trip down to see my grandparents, etc etc etc…It all seems to snowball around this time of year and before you know it, the next year is in full swing and there’s that post-holiday depression and it’s all just too much. I need a drink. And it’s only 10 AM!

How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “Good thing I didn’t do NaBloPoMo

  1. We saw Quantum of Solace on Saturday, too. And though I loved it, I didn’t love it as much as Casino Royale. I missed a bit more witty reparte, I missed Q, and I missed a femme fatale.

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