This is Halloween, everybody scream!

Some of you may know that I love Halloween probably just a little more than any other holiday. It may have something to do with the colors, or the feeling of Fall, or the smell of warm fires in the air. Or it’s the pumpkins, because I have some kind of love affair with those magical gourds of all shapes and colors. I think because I hate scary movies and have issues with terror and such, this allows me to get close to “scary” things but not actually be mentally messed up.

Tonight, Elliot will dress as The Cutest Pumpkin (official term) and we’re going to Trick Or Treat with a group of my friends and their kids. Unfortunately, Ash is still harboring this awful plague so he’s going to stay home and (presumably) hand out the candy I bought to the kids we might get. I kind of have a feeling that we’ll get more people at the door this year. It seems like the fear of door to door trick or treating may have lifted some. In years past, it’s been a sad show around our neighbourhood.

I decided not to carve my pumpkins this year. I got two smallish ones and for one, I was going to carve pi, because, you know, pumpkin pi, hard-ee-har-har. But I just didn’t have it in me. They looked so cute just side by side on my front porch. And besides, my carpal tunnel kills when I have to hold any kind of utensil for a while and carving would be the death of my right hand.

Here’s a picture of Elliot from this morning. He’s wearing one of his cuter outfits, handing me a ball and saying, “This?”, as he so often does.

SO! I have a whole bunch of work to do before lunchtime, when I have to run up to Target for last minute holiday things. What are your plans for the evening?

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