Things currently annoying me

I haven’t had a complaint session on my blog in a little while so here goes:

  • The woman who zoomed around me in the daycare parking lot as I was backing out this morning. She then parked in the handicap spot. When she got out, I saw that she was obese and carrying a Chick-Fil-A bag while getting her large child out of the backseat. (In that alone am I vindicated)
  • People on Myspace from my first high school who don’t put their first name but something dumb like “Laughin at U bitches” or “Phresh” so that I can’t find anyone I used to know.
  • Stupid people. Broad, I know. I watched “Jay Walking” last night on Leno and they stopped a kid who couldn’t be any older than 18 or 19 and a.) he didn’t know whose face is on the one dollar bill and b.) when prompted, didn’t know who the first president was. Are kids paying less and less attention or what??
  • I got summoned for jury duty
  • I still have a cold and some major congestion (suggestions on meds for this??)
  • I want to eat out somewhere but I need to conserve money (as always)
  • This weather – cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon. Sweat or freeze?
  • The fact that it’s ONLY 11:30!

3 thoughts on “Things currently annoying me

  1. The Chick-fil-a woman sounds like a real pain, but she might have actually been handicapped (not all disabilities are visible) and obese doesn’t equal bad. Also, the whole “epidemic of obesity” that everyone talks about? Yeah, it isn’t true. The reason it seems that way is simple because in 1998, they re-did the BMI charts, so that what constitutes “obese” now is lower than it was in ’98. Does America need to eat healthier and exercise more (and maybe lay off the Chick-fil-a)? Sure. But it always bothers me when I hear people use someone’s weight as a reason for disliking them. Every time I buy food or get take out I wonder if there’s someone out there looking at me and thinking the same thing you did about this lady. Granted, I don’t cut people off in the parking lot. But it is a touchy subject.

  2. Oh no, I’m not mad at her for being overweight; I was mad at her for rushing around me. I only brought up the Chik-Fil-A part because in some ways, I feel like she’s already getting a raw deal by giving her kid that and I didn’t need to be angry at her or hold it against her. I should have been more clear. Certainly, I have no room to talk about fast food or being overweight, for I lived a good decade of my life that way. I hope I did not offend.

  3. Like I said in my post, my rant wasn’t really about what you said, it just triggered it. But thanks for the clarification.

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