This ‘n’ That

There’s something small that makes me very sad, and I want to share it with you. Ash bought me a crock-pot for Christmas. I love it! I have always wanted one because, oh, the possibilities! I have dreamed of splendid chicken stews and hearty winter soups,  beef briskets, and chili, simmering away all day as I work then magically ready for my dinner plate come 6 PM. But the disheartening part about it is that Ash eats about one meal that can be made in said crock-pot. (Is it hyphenated? Is it capitalized? Proper noun?)

Knowing that he won’t eat anything made in there makes me wonder why he decided to buy it. I know he thought about it beforehand, he had to. He’s the pickiest eater I have ever met and with the exception of chili, he wants nothing to do with the magic of the pot’s power. So, this is why when I see recipes for this appliance, a little part of my heart dies.


This morning, as I trudged across Westcot plaza with my pumpkin spice latte in hand, I winced up at the misty gray skies and felt a cool Fall breeze brush against my cheeks. Welcome, September 16th. Thank you for packing your Autumn weather with you. I certainly appreciate it.


Some of you readers may be in places like New Hampshire and Vermont where the term “foliage” is applicable this time of year. To you I say: I am completely and utterly jealous. I visit the Yankee magazine website often and look for the updates. I peruse pictures of fallen leaves and hilly landscapes full of oranges, reds, yellows… pumpkins, sunlight filtered through the quickly emptying branches of trees. What I wouldn’t give to wake up to that every morning. My dream job: waking up, grabbing a cup of tea and sitting on a big open deck that looks out on a field like this:

and then just taking pictures all day long.

I go through phases of being more or less interested in taking pictures. Sometimes every time Elliot and I play I am equipped with my camera. And other times, I feel like it’s so difficult just to keep him happy that there’s no time to take his shot, or why even bother because it’ll just be his crying whiny face each time.

But if I could see that majesty each morning – the idyllic scenery that brings my heart such warm joy – then I’d have the camera permanently affixed to my hand.


I’ve joined the Tallahassee Book Club. On, they have 38 members and meet every third Monday at the public library. I though it might be fun to join something of this sort, to meet people and actually talk about things not pertaining to work or children. Though, it seems a fairly domestic and hosue-wife-ish thing for me to go and do; but I read a good deal and why not get out of the house once in a while? And besides, it’s not like I can’t just quit if I don’t like it.


Now that I have taken a small reprieve and eaten Pitaria, I think it time to wrap up this post. Another soon to come about things I want to buy. If only I had the money! Oh, woe!

3 thoughts on “This ‘n’ That

  1. Oh, I love the fall. We turned off the a/c and opened the windows last night … heaven!

    and about the crock pot … I love mine, but don’t use it all that often, either. But I am lucky in that PK will eat leftovers for 4 days straight. So I make beef stew/pot roast, chili, soups, spare ribs, and barbeque coated hot dogs in mine.

    Do you have a neighbor you can share with? Or bring the leftovers to work? Something?

  2. Yeah, the leaves are pretty on the trees…but they freaking suck when you’re raking them…and it’s windy…and your lawn waste bag keeps collapsing… 🙂

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