Lest I forget…

…I have a son! I guess I haven’t really written about him in a little bit. Maybe, I thought, that going on and on about Elliot was what kept people from reading/commenting. Maybe they weren’t here for the mommin’ chat. So I laid low, spoke of other things, simpler, happy things. And yet, nothing changed.

So, Elliot. Lately, he’s been up and down and working on many things. It seems like his walking progress is stalled. Day to day, he is a great pull-upper. He stands and cruises down the coffee table quickly. Then, when he reaches the corner he extends his arms and puts one foot forward, dropping to the floor, diappointed. Then he gets back up and goes back to the other end, towards the side table where he then climbs up and its on the little bottom shelf. This makes him very proud of himself and he swings his legs, giggling.

Food wise, we’ve been trying a bunch of different thigns. He’s eaten spaghetti but he liked the french bread bits better. He had taco meat and cheddar and he loved it. One week later and he wouldn’t even touch it. I made a tricolor pasta salad with chick peas, green beans, corn, and a mayo pesto sauce and he purportedly ate all of it at daycare. And I watched him eat some at home. But the cheesy chicken noodle thing I made did not go over well. Yet, he ate the broccoli out of it. I suppose my disappointment in his eating stems from the fact that he used to eat anything and everything when we began solids and all the way up until, well, maybe 3-4 weeks ago.

However, his new big thing is waving and he’ll do it if you wave to him or if you say “Say bye bye”. He knows the command! Ok, so a lot of my friends’ kids have been signing please and whatnot for months (which I find incredibly useless. (Please what? What do you want? Oh, you can’t tell me THAT. All you can do is please, over and over and over until crying ensues.) So I feel like this is a Big Deal for us.

I look forward to so much with him. So many days of play and nights of bathtimes, book reading, talking about his day – when it’s that time. He lights up my life. Even if I have the crappiest day, when I see him in the afternoon, none of the bad stuff matters anymore. I feel free and clear and so very happy.

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