Thank ye Jesus!

My poison ivy is getting much better, thanks. It looks a lot less angry; it used to be bright red and all aggravated but now it’s just a dull rash and the big splotchy patches on my ankles are peeling (gross) but that means that the funk is going away. Since the poison attacks at the cellular level, it’s as if your body forms this layer of infected skin on top of your normal skin and when it’s done, it is shed. I guess this is why you don’t get any scarring. Skin tissue is an amazing organ.

I will be happy once this affliction is gone from our house for good. We can return all the shower accouterments to the master bathroom. We were both using the guest bath because it has a detachable shower head and that was good for those long, steaming hot showers that made the itch go away for a while. But something as small as that change can really throw of a family’s balance. On top of that, Elliot has been experiencing something off-kilter due to his MMR shot about a week ago. He’s been awfully floppy and whiny, not exactly hungry, and running a low-grade fever. Never high enough to be sent home (100) but enough to make the daycare women go a little insane. And that’s understandable. They didn’t ask that he leave yesterday but I knew he needed the extra time at home. He and I sat around in the nursery recliner for a while. I dozed, he dozed… it was a very peaceful, serene moment.

On an entirely different note, why don’t you take a gander at my friend’s site and read about his semi-impromptu journey to Las Vegas. I can’t help but find myself liking his tale of survival the most. I have always been drawn to stories of people living through difficult physical situations such as heat, exhaustion, etc. Take the Boxcar Children for example. Four orphaned children who run away and make a home in an abandoned train car. The scenes I remember most vividly are when they find a little pile of cracked and chipped tea cups from which to drink and make beds from straw. Somehow these kinds of survival methods are endearing. Hopefully you will have as much fun reading Dave’s story as I did, though it’s so much more about what he actually went to Vegas for, and not lugging a 5 pound sack of corn bread mix all up and down the strip.

And just because I can, you should definitely head over to this link that Rude Cactus posted a few days ago: sushi go-round. This will entertain you and stress you but still be loads of fun. I need to stop playing!

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