Obvs., you guys are just really busy. Me too.

Hits have remained about the same but commenting is at a lull. I know we’re all pretty busy and I myself go through phases of feeling like and absolutely not wanting to comment AT ALL. Though I read many good posts in a day from some of my most favorite sites, I just don’t express an opinion. I try to keep up because I know that commenting helps bring readers to my site, which – I hope – makes some kind of difference in this realm of the blogosphere.

For today, I’d like you to head to  Chris Cactus’s site to read about 9/11. I rarely write about this memorial day because I feel that I cannot possibly do it justice, even with my masters degree earned words. Sometimes there aren’t any. My memory of the actual day is very sketchy. I can only conjure up blurry images, more like feelings, more like the emotions of being scared and unbelieving and sort of peripheral to the entire thing. I worried for a friend of mine in NY. I worried for my father who was working in New Jersey. On 9/10, he had had a meeting in the Twin Towers. A little too close for comfort. I did not feel angry though; people do things that shock me and frighten me but I could not be angry. In some ways, I see why another country would be jealous or enraged at the US enough to committ a crime. Killing people is heinous no matter how you look at it but at the same time, their belief system varies so much from the “norm” of American religion that for the majority of us, we cannot possibly fathom their thought processes. Their payoff included a wonderful heaven and lots of virgins. Most American guys would want that too. But they probably would not ram a plane into a building in Iraq to achieve it. Different strokes, different folks.

My opinions on the entire “war” in the middle East are more like impressions. I choose not to take a side because it hurts my brain too much. That sounds very cop-out-y but it’s difficult for me to wrap my head around the things about which I can do absolutely nothing. I would like to think that voting in a new, progressive president will change some things. But to be honest, I think the only thing that will change America right now is hope. Some shred of hope to show us that we can come out of this recession with nary a scratch and achieve something akin to the booms we experienced in the 80s, the 90s. Gas prices may never be $1.15 again but they might fall to something reasonable. All we need is an idea, like in V for Vendetta. The idea that we can change that which we do not agree with, to stand up for our lives, ourselves, our hopes and dreams and come up triumphant, fairly, unified.

And you, how was 9/11 for you? Tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Obvs., you guys are just really busy. Me too.

  1. I remember the moment we found out what was happening. I was in a Great Books class–the course that covered biblical and other early Christian texts– with the most venerable and respected old professor at Mercer. I’m not sure what the reading was for that day. Then the department secretary came into the classroom, in Groover Hall at Mercer, one of the newly renovated, seminar style classrooms, and asked us if we had seen. It’s the only time I remember anyone ever interrupting a college class I was in. She turned on the wall-mounted TV for us. We tried to finish class, and did, because at the time we had no idea the severity of the situation. But then the University cancelled class the rest of the day. The next day in my poetry class, with my old prof and now good friend at Mercer, we spend the hour talking about it and why anyone would want to do such a thing. I may have learned more in that single class period than any other single class period in my college experience.

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