Keeping up with the Smiths

My life is in upheaval right now. Things are crazy, all over the place, and I am slowly – no, quickly – losing my sanity. I could use a beer. And as if this weren’t already awful, my parents had to put my childhood dog to sleep. Ok, well, I was 14 when we got Barney the beagle but still. He had been declining slowly for a number of years and when he couldn’t use his back legs this morning, I knew it was probably just time. In some ways, this relieves my parents. He was so old that he peed everywhere and he got them up all hours of the night. They have another dog who sleeps until about 9 in the morning so now, they might be able to finally get some rest. Without further ado, here are some things that I have been up to latey:

  • Saturday was the last night that Elliot got breastfed before bed. Sunday, he was breast milk free. He took the entire process really well and was ready. I kind of miss the time we spent doing that but we still get to hang out. 🙂
  • The insurance company tried to give us a quote on our damage without sending an adjuster to the house. So now, I am waiting on the roofer who worked with us last summer to come out and give us a quote. I hate dealing with insurance companies and I hate when all I can do is wait.
  • Elliot visited the new daycare this morning and he just did “ok.” He was a little tired and clingy but I think he’ll get adjusted soon. It’s a new environment and a lot to take in so hopefully it won’t take long before he gets comfortable.
  • Ash’s poison ivy is everywhere. Well, all over his arms and legs and has spread to his eight ear and left eyelid. I think he’s finally giving in and going to the doctor this afternoon. This is a very good thing because although I know he cannot spread the poison to me, I really get kind of squicked if he touches me.
  • My allergies have been acting up. That is all
  • Elliot turns the big ONE tomorrow around 9:30 AM. Be thinking of him and his step into toddlerhood.
  • It has taken me all day to write this post. Now that I am about to leave work, all I can do it publish and move on.

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