My hair has evolved into this untamed mess that keeps coming out of any bun I try to create. It also started to do this annoying flip out thing right above my ears and it looks like I got caught in the rain and let it air dry. I am so frustrated with it but I hate Hate HATE paying for a haircut and/or thinking about styling. A.) there’s not time in the morning for “product” and/or blow-drying. B.) I don’t particularly feel like spending money on “product” when I could be using it towards things that are necessary like food… and cute onesies at Target. So I am stuck in this conundrum of bad hair days. And it pisses me off.


Ash and I have been churning through the first season of Heroes. I had not seen an episode all the way through before and now, Now? We are hooked. I can’t – obviously – go into any detail without the dreaded spoilers but it’s so intriguing because they usually answer one question and ask 7 more. So I am always wondering what will happen next. And for the record: it’s SO much better than Lost.


Elliot is taking one step now. He will pull up, let go and move one foot ahead before falling down. We’re THIS close to being a walking creature! It’s crazy how fast he can get on his walker without actually face-planting into the coffee table, floor, dogs, etc. My heart aches to think of his first few months of flopping around lazily in my lap. I knew that I could put him down and he’d be exactly in that spot when I got back. (Not that I ever put him down and walked away.. not often anyway.) But now, oh now… we have a moving thing on our hands who has a mind of his own and certain places he must venture to. These include, but are not lilmited to: the guest bedroom where he tries to climb on the elliptical, the bathroom where he pulls down his bath toys, and Ash’s amp, upon which are a couple picks and the metronome. And the scary part is that very time we move Elliot away and redirect, saying a firm “No”, he chuckles and crawls right back to where he was. Oh sigh. Babies…


I just got an email back about on online teaching gig. Maybe I can make something of this and earn some extra cash! Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. YAY for walking … well, ALMOST walking. It’ll be great; I promise!

    And good luck with the gig … hope you get it!

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