Poison, p-p-p-poison, Poison

Do you see how many x365 entries I wrote today? That’s a lot of work, people. I’m continually having to take a trip through the wayback machine to find these names. They’re hiding in the darkest recesses of my brain, in filing cabinets covered in cobwebs. I feel good knowing that I am caught up though. Must stick it out.

So, yeah, guess what Ash has? Poison Ivy! And I don’t mean the lame Batman villainess. When we were hauling logs on Sunday and one of our kind neighbours came by to help, he mentioned that he was pretty sure the vine that had completely taken over the tree’s trunk was probably posion ivy. I freaked out just a little but not for my own safety. I didn’t want to go inside and pick Elliot up, transferring the spores to his skin too. I immediately washed with hot soapy water (which he said woul neutralize it) and lo and behold, I didn’t end up with a reaction to it anyway. (Although I later read that hot water can open your pores to it and perhaps make it worse.) But I find it highly amusing because I am otherwise allergic to every substance known to the flora world.

It’s odd that it took until late last night to show up. Ash said he was a little itchy – when I offered to run to CVS for calamine, he declined – but then this moring, as I was making my lunch, Ash came up behind me and in a very nice, yet pleading voice, asked me to run to the store (at that moment) because it was taking everything in his power not to scratch. It’s mostly his legs and upper arms. We lotioned him down this morning and I noticed that he already had some blisters. Ugh. What I didn’t know about posion ivy is that you can experience the itching anywhere form one week to three! I hope it goes away for Ash quicker than that.

Aside from dealing with that little issue, we’re on Elliot Walk Watch 2k8. This kid’s so close to his first steps, it’s ridiculous. He is really adept at pushing his walker around the house but as of the past couple days, he’s been letting go and turning away from it, totally free. Then last night, he tried picking up one foot to move it forward. He’s going to get it any day now. How exciting!

And on that upbeat note I leave you…

One thought on “Poison, p-p-p-poison, Poison

  1. Poison ivy…yech! Two of my three sons can really get a bad case of it if they don’t watch out. Use that good Burt’s Bees soap…and Zanfel (though it’s really, really expensive)

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