List of things I want

Typically, I don’t lust after items or other such frivilosities.  But somehow I have come across some stuff I really do want to get. Bear with my shallowness.

  • Canon EOS 40D or an equivalent. Holy crap this thing is awesome!
  • Laptop. No brand specifically but I want it to be fast as hell.
  • When I have kid #2 I want to get a tattoo on the bottom of each foot, one for each of their corresponding footprints.
  • Sushi! I have been craving it.
  • A Dremel. You know, for dremmelling purposes.
  • About 50 more picture frames so I can show of the Boy.
  • New Shoes. I don’t own any summer close-toed shoes.
  • A hamburger. A really big, juicy one smothered in cheese.
  • A Roomba. Despite what some people say about them breaking, now that I have to sweep EVERY DAY due to a certain small mobile child, I could use the help.
  • A new car seat for the boy. When he hits a yar, I’m going forward-facing, baby.

3 thoughts on “List of things I want

  1. I love the tattoo idea. Although, that’s gonna hurt. Or perhaps tickle . . .

    Regarding the picture frame, why not splurge and get one of those new fancy digital ones that displays a slide show of pictures you download into it. That would so rock!

    Thanks for tweakin’ The Cheek. I’m adding you to my Reader . . .

  2. I think the tattoo would hurt but the part that would really stink is the healing. Not much walking you can do on that. Plus, with the amount of skin feet shed, it would probably fade.

    Good idea with that frame; and their prices are coming down quickly.

  3. Oh my gosh, you HAVE to get a Roomba. It’s the best investment ever. I got one for birthday/Christmas last year, and it has been one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten. They also have personality, so think of it as another pet, only a pet that can clean up after itself.

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