Catching up

“Thanks continuing to read my blog, even you out there who lurk. I promise some actual content really soon!”

Wow, I can’t believe I was so busy and completely losing my marbles that I didn’t proofread my last post! I’m going to write up the last *4* x365 posts tomorrow and get up to date. Today was just crazy with one of our campus bookstore totally neglecting to order books and then telling students and parents that it was the English department’s fault. Yeah, I’m calling you out, FSU bookstore. You seem to do this every summer; get your shit together. Then it was just one paper jam after another on our crappy photocopier, the cast off from upstairs, where they make sure all their stuff is new. Sigh. But this is the first day and this always happens. I should be used to it by now.

Meanwhile, I think Elliot is teething again. He’s stuffy, drooly, finger-bitey, and cranky. Damn. I was hoping this new, cheerful disposition and his sudden discovery of finally pulling up would last until my mom had come and gone. I guess not.

It’s late, I feel like I am getting sick, and I just worked out. I must sleep now. Until tomorrow, my bloggies…

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