Please tell me what you think

Ok, here goes. I have a question for my readers and even if you *never* comment, please help me out.

I kept an extensive pregnancy journal while gestating the Boy. Do you think it would be at all interesting to make it into a separate website and transcribe what I wrote? I thought it might be kind of cool to have all of that in one place. Then, I was thinking, maybe I could try to show it to pregnancy sites. I know some keep forums so people can write as they go but it might be an interesting feature to read one whole journey.

Anyway, all thoughts and ideas would be welcome!

3 thoughts on “Please tell me what you think

  1. Why not do a little of all of the above? I wouldn’t go as far to make a unique site for it, seeing as how you have reliable readers here, but make it a page, or a section, and then share that with the preggers sites….

    That’s just a suggestion though. I think people would find it pretty cool to get the whole journey from A to Z….

  2. I think you should do it. Even I would read it! Well, maybe I should say “even I” since we all know how baby-crazy I am.

  3. Speaking from my own experience of trying to run a couple of different websites that were blog oriented, it turned out to be a trainwreck, because when I focused energy on on, the other went lacking.

    That said, i think it would be really cool to see a whole site devoted to the gestation that tells the story from start to finish: kind of like an old-time serial in a magazine or something.

    So, if it runs as a series on a separate website with a definite beginning and end, I think it can be great.

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