The blustery day

Whereas yesterday was so very beautiful, today is atrocious: heavy winds, rain, potential for hail. It’s darker than dusk out there right now and I hate hate hate days like this because they render me so unmotivated! But even amidst the rain and running a little late, I managed to stop and get a cup of coffee and a pecan caramel biscotti (OMG) and now, I am doing alright.

In baby news, Elliot was a big ol’ PITA last night but I think his gums are hurting him. I can normally get him in bed by 9 or 9:20 but last night, it took me 45 minutes of trying and Ash about 20 before the boy had a bath and then another 20 minutes of wind-down routine before he finally drifted off. And then, he slept 6.5 hours. Thank you, kind sir. Mommy needed that rest. Just another chapter in the on-going saga of growing up.

But today, there will be no complaining. If you have about eleven and a half minutes, watch this video: Inspiration. Seriously, this guy has a lot of great things to say. This will change your day, I guarantee it.

“Don’t complain, just try harder.”

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