The week that can’t pass quickly enough

Might as well just hook me up to a coffee drip today because – damn – I am tired. (Random sidenote: we have a friend who always says “Mine as well” instead, not even realizing it’s wrong). Anyway, Ash’s plane left at 7 AM for Ohio and I was up at 4:50 to start getting ready. He’ll fly up today, then he and his brother will begin the cross country (is it cross if it’s North to South?) drive down here, all his belongings in a truck and his car in tow. They should get in Friday night but I think they underestimate just how long 9 hours a day is. Especially when the dog is going to need to pee and eat. Personally, I’m not really down with driving that long and that far. I’m ever thankful that I didn’t have to be involved in that whole process.

On the homefront, it’s colder than, well, you know it’s cold here and windy. I mean, howling wind. Wind that’ll blow you off your feet. Seriously! 25 mph gusts over here. But in Perrysburg, OH, where my brother-in-law currently lives, it’s negative 3 with their wind so I think I’ll just be thankful we’re only at 31, you know?

I think I just said “you know” a million times in that paragraph. How very sad.

Anyway, I have a literal ton of work to get done today so I am off to bear down (why do I always think of childbirth when that phrase arises?). Happy Humpday.

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