A bit whiny today

I’m having another one of those “off” days. I slept all funky and even though I fell asleep by 11, E started making little nosies around 1:45 but I didn’t actually become conscious enough to understand he was hungry until around 2:30. And although he wasn’t screaming by this point, he was wide awake enough that it took me about 45 minutes to get him back to sleep after eating. Sigh. I think he woke up again sometime because I remember getting back in bed at 5:40, only 35 minutes before the alarm goes off; the alarm I did not hear. Ash had to shake me awake when it was time for me to shower. So my state of being at that point was sort of like the moan a zombie makes: Argghhhuuuuggg. Add in some pillow drool and there you have my morning.

I have a few student conferences at 11 and then I am going to try to do some whirlwind shopping at Target during my lunch break. It should take me a little longer than an hour but you know what? I work hard and I deserve a little time. Regardless, I have to go; Elliot needs diapers and Ash leaves for Ohio tomorrow and he’s running out of travel toiletries. (He’s very particular about his shampoo, etc.)

So yeah, Ash is going to leave me for two entire days and although I have spent a lot of time just me and the baby, I have never been entirely alone that long. The only reason this will be “bad” is because there won’t be the option to say, “Here, hold the baby while I fold laundry/go to the bathroom/prepare dinner, etc. Granted, he’s a lot better sitting by himself these days but nights are his fussy times and sometimes he just wants to cry. And sometimes he just has to cry because I cant be holding him 24/7. You know? I know it will be ok the days will pass in no time but then, our lives will be flip-turned upside down. I’m sure I will have many entries to come about my brother-in-law’s stay in our home.

There’s some other things going on I won’t divulge (nothing having to do with me specifically) but that are making me sort of sad. Mostly, none of them are my “problem” but they still bring me down. I shouldn’t let them but I’m just emotional I guess.

I have a couple student conferences in half an hour; think I will go get some Gatorade and get all ready to talk about research. Sigh.

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