Random instances

  • I got some spam mail from someone named “The McCracken”
  • My debit card was mysteriously misplaced this morning and I found it under the foot of a keyboard randomly placed on the coffee table
  • I saw a delivery woman carrying a Cheesecake Factory box downtown and thought how cool that must be for the recipient. (We don’t have one here)
  • In the bathroom at work this morning – while I was well, you know, – someone came in, blew their nose, then walked out, flipping the light off as they left. So I went to the bathroom in the dark
  • Things that were previously 99 cents on the Wendy’s value menu are now $1.29 and higher. I never go there but wanted a burger today. I only had $1.10. Oh well.
  • At Target I saw another Element but they had a fish and two bubbles painted on the side
  • I’m going to make pad thai for dinner

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