A peaceful, easy feeling

Elliot’s 5 month stats:

  • 14 pounds, 7 ounces
  • 24.5 inches long
  • 25th percentile for height
  • teething
  • hernia almost gone

He took the shots pretty well and the afternoon went by in a blur of feeding, napping, and hand print making. However, the evening left much to be desired in the “good little boy” area. I fed him at 6 and then Ash took him with him to a friend’s house so I could go attempt to find a top to wear to this wedding. I was unsuccessful in my shopping endeavor so I went ahead and met up with Ash to procure the babe and get back home. Luckily, I was in the sort of mood as to not become frustrated with Elliot’s anger and apparent pain, as if someone were stabbing him repeatedly and turning the knife around in his gullet. After a couple comfort feedings and some baby Tylenol (I had really tried to hold off on medicating) he finally fell asleep by 10. In fact, he slept until 2:45 when he ate quickly and went back to sleep until 6. I love you, Elliot. Or rather, I love you, Tylenol.

Shots must be rough on little ones; of course they don’t remember it as they grow up but it’s got to be buried somewhere subconsciously. I think anyway.

Almost the weekend, which I am actually blocking out of my mind because all the gajillion things I STILL need to do in preparation for the car ride, and the roughly 10 hours Elliot will be left in my parents’ care. Not looking forward to the traveling and it’s not even because it will be with baby and dogs. I like seeing places but the getting there just drives me mad.


Just wanted to share Top 5 reasons to hate Dane Cook. I used to think he was really funny… in 2002. That was before he got popular and starred in some really bad films. But I must disagree with the article. There doesn’t have to be a punchline if the story is funny, if the story connects to you in some way. He doesn’t have to star in classic films like Steve Martin (who, by the way, I don’t actually find all that funny), and who cares if he has longevity? You shouldn’t hate someone for that. Take the comedy as it comes, laugh, feel better about your life, and move on. Stop being selfish and wanting him to become the next great Chevy Chase or something. Geez, people.

Anyway, it’s 10:30 and it’s slow around here. Off to do something productive.

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