Do you like eet?

So tell me: new layout = good or bad?

By the way, since blogging was practically made for bitching, can I complain about the mid-twenties asshat who’s sitting outside my office (because I guess he spotted the cushioned bench) talking on his phone as if he were The Last Fratboy on Earth? Dude, what if I were actually trying to do something that required concentration? Have you no concern for others? Granted, I am not concentrating hard on anything; just wasting the last 15 minutes of my workday on finding new and interesting blogs, preferably of the mommyblogger sort. But the principal stands.

So, really, this post was just to ask about the new layout… and to get you guys talking. Come on, you’re quieter than my 8 AM freshmen on a Monday morning!!

2 thoughts on “Do you like eet?

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