Insert expletive here

I started off this day angry. I was running late. I got behind a guy trying to make a left on a two lane road where the traffic goes predominantly the other direction. Then, I parked downtown to get some breakfast – which took forever to be made – and then as I needed to back onto a busy street, a bus pulled up behind me, totally barring me in. I was ten minutes late to work. I walked halfway across campus to the library Starbucks and when I got there, they didn’t have skim milk. I had to get soy. Soy is for hippies. I was cranky enough to tell them so. Especially after they rang me up but didn’t inform me that soy was about a dollar more. We pay more for less? How does that make any sense? I fumed, I seethed, all the way back to my office. Then I read about how a friend of mine will be going to Japan and I was even more angry. Not at him, of course. I am very excited that he’ll get to make that trip. But Ash and I were discussing this weekend, after having spoken with Steven (who lives there), the probability of making a trip to Japan sometime in the next 8 months, before he moves to the UK with his wife, where they will benefit from the healthcare. We came to the conclusion that there’s just too many hinderances: baby, money, dogs, etc…  So really, I guess I am just jealous.

Luckily, life has a way of balancing things out and today is a short one for me: Elliot has a doctor’s appointment at 2 and I plan on leaving around 1. I also have grand visions of an afternoon nap but we’ll see how things play out. Typically, the shots that infants must get make them sleepy but so far, many things that are the norm have proven otherwise. I suppose that is simply parenthood.

I suppose I need to stop being so angry and remember the good things I have, the healthy child, the loving husband. It’s cheesy, I know.But if you don’t look for those things, you might well go insane.

That is all.

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