Evening the score

Wow, someone just send a general email that sort of exposed one of my friend’s bits of info that I don’t think he wanted everyone to know. I hope he knew that guy was gonna send that.

Anyway, today started off alright, as I fell into a light slumber during Elliot’s 5:30 feeding and awoke at 6:37, just in time for my shower. I was running a little behind but ended up getting out of the house a few minutes early. As I was leaving the neighbourhood after dropping Elliot off at daycare, I was following a Toyota Camry, going rather fast in a 20 mph zone. I saw him, the furry little kamikaze, bolt out into the road and I saw him too, the I’m-in-a-hurry businessman speeding up and bam! Man – one, squirrel – zero. I was totally squicked by seeing the actual moment that the tire hit the squirrel. I mean, seriously and emotionally bothered. I tried to convince myself that there are a lot more squirrels out there and some are kind of mean, etc. But I still felt a sickness in my gut as the movie in my mind replayed over and over the death of the poor creature.

I had to get a ham, egg, and cheese biscuit to make myself feel better. And a frappucino. And I reasoned with myself about the exercise and how I know that eating like that sometimes won’t put the pounds back on; I know it from experience. But deep down, I really know that I should have opted for the banana and orange juice instead.

I just cleaned up my office and I have boxed up the plagiarism exercises from Fall. This is pretty huge because they take up a ton of space in here and I was beginning to feel a little claustrophobic.

In other semi-important news: it’s voting day, locally. I totally forgot about it, which is odd because I had my sample ballot out to read just last night. I plan on going during my lunch break and maybe I’ll stop by the house too, since my polling place is about fifty feet from the entrance to my neighbourhood. I never really know who I’m going to vote for until I’m in the booth, pen poised. I have a vague idea and I know what each of the candidates stands for. But I don’t like making decisions like that. I worry that it will be the wrong one. Although, America made the wrong decision two terms in a row so how much worse could it get? Really…

So go vote and go save some squirrels and clean your offices and you too can feel as good as I do. How’s that for Tuesday inspiration, huh?

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